Monday, February 23, 2009

Outdoor Market at Myeong-dong

(Yellow) Blues Brothers

Video Games for toddlers. The country is obsessed.

Guys making dumplings. Delicious street food everywhere.

For Katie.

Lots of signage.


My little corner of Seoul is called Pyeongchon, relatively close to the metro stop of the same name. It's a distinct neighborhood with one main commercial street. Not as dense as New York but at least as high. My apartment is on the 12th of 15 floors. It is a small enough place that I'm already pretty familiar with it, though lots and lots of restaurants still to try. Below is the view from my window. I'll take some pictures of the main street soon.

The Bedspread

My school provides furnished housing, which is great. They also provide bedding, which I thought was great. I moved into my apartment last Monday afternoon with nothing on the bed. I was so relieved when the Korean from home office showed up at 11 pm that evening with my missing bedspread, pillow, etc. I tried not to laugh has he handed it all off to me (see below). I have since discovered that all the teachers who work for my school are given the same set. I haven't made a friend yet who doesn't sleep under violently pink flowers.

My Apartment

Getting used to showering next to my washing machine, sink, and toilet. The upside: brushing my teeth in the shower.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My room in Sonoma 24 hours before departure.