Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mt. Namsan - Seoul Tower

N. Seoul Tower is the tallest object in Seoul - measuring 777 feet from the peak of Mt. Namsan - and it offers panoramic views of Seoul as far as the eye can see. There are several ways of getting to the tower, we took the gondola.

Waiting patiently for said gondola. Marshall (left) is sporting his newly purchased Harry Potter glasses. The lightening bolt had been washed off by this point.

Riding up towards the peak, and Seoul Tower, with the second gondola car about to pass.

The Tower is also home to the Seoul Teddy Bear Museum (still unsure why). These two suffered endless photo opps the whole time we were there. This was the least mean of our shots.

My friends Marshall, Kevin, and myself up in the tower. The windows all have the names and distances of the global capitals they face. We let Kevin join our picture despite being from LA. Go Giants.

Also, Kobe Bryant hangs out here a lot. Apparently he's into teddy bears.

The tower is a huge romantic destination for couples. They buy locks of all sizes from vendors at the tower's base and then bolt them to the fences that surround the tower, after writing romantic messages all over them (see below). This picture is actually of a metal tree they've planted for the purpose, with a lock covered fence in the background.

Not sure if the couples come and cut them off after breaking up. Did not see any bolt cutters for sale.

After dusk laser shows light up the tower and the grounds that surround its base. It looked pretty good in blue.

...but a lot better in red, white, and blue.

Korea VS. Australia

My friend Kevin and me in front of Seoul World Cup Stadium....built to host the 2002 World Cup along with Japan.

The most frenzied fans congregate here at one end of the field. They constitute the official Korean football fanclub.....named the Red Devils. The weren't so much mean as ceaseless.

The view from our great seats....8 rows back.

More play. Korea beat the Australians easily.

The halftime entertainment. You don't see many Korean men with flowing blonde hair. His juggling skills were even more entertaining.