Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BBQ (and Peace Signs)

Post-baseball at a place in Seoul.

Peter, Sam, Anne, and HJ at another BBQ place in Gangnum.

Most Koreans, especially younger ones, will throw up a peace sign when they're getting their picture taken. Sam has perfected the move....Pete is still working on it.

Brian, Sam, and Peter post BBQ.

One of my favorite things about Korea, or at least about eating here, is BBQ. Every third restaurant here is a BBQ restaurant. In the middle of each table (see pictures above) is a gas or charcoal fired grill. You order some marinated meat or seafood, along with some vegetables, and grill it all up right in front of you. Some places help you cook it if you look lost, others leave you to your own devices. When everything is grilled to perfection, or crispy, depending on the cook, you take a piece or two of meet, along with some garlic, onions, and delicious mystery sauces, and wrap everything in a piece of lettuce. It's hard to shove the whole wrap into your mouth without looking like an animal but we tend to try anyway. The best thing about BBQ, other than the taste of the food, is the leisurely pace it encourages. The portions are small enough, and it takes long enough to cook, that you can easily spend 2 hours grilling/eating/grilling/eating (while drinking). Neither of the places pictured here is our local place. Between work and my apartment there is an "all you can eat" BBQ place where, for 8 won, you can eat as much BBQ as you'd like. Its a great deal even if you're not that hungry. We usually are.

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