Monday, October 19, 2009

Cheonggyecheon Stream

A stream that had run through Seoul for millennia, Cheonggyecheon had been covered up by highways during the decades of enormous growth the city experienced in the last fifty years. Several years ago an urban revitalization project uncovered the stream, creating one of the coolest urban features I've ever seen. The nearly six mile long stream winds its way through the heart of Seoul. Complete with fish, aquatic plantings, and the refreshed feet of thousands of Seoulites.

The headwaters of the stream, a couple yards from the main boulevard that runs through Seoul.

One of several musicians playing along the banks of the stream.

Mom and daughter crossing from one side to another.

Brothers taking a dip in matching shirts.

A small waterfall just beyond the headwaters (see behind). The stream incorporates sculptures and the beauty of water flowing over imbedded lights, carved stone, and natural stream bed.

A view of the stream after sunset, from one of many bridges that crosses above it. The stream is only accessible every quarter mile or so, lending it a sense of isolation in a city of millions.

My friends Marshall, Robin, and Kevin braving the chilly water. Perfect after a long day exploring Seoul.

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