Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sejongno - Heart of Seoul

Sejongno is my favorite street in Seoul. It runs from City Hall Plaza north to Gyeongbok Palace. It was completely remodeled recently and now has several beautiful public spaces. The picture above is a water feature that runs the length of the street's middle plaza.

The US embassy (an ugly '70s era building) is located on the street. I took the above picture on the day of Ted Kennedy's funeral in Boston. The stars and stripes fly at half mast accordingly.

A manicured flower garden occupies much of the street's center plaza.

Kids playing in the "headwaters" of the plaza's water feature.

Myself and friend Marshall in front of Admiral Yi, one of two statues that dominate the plaza.

Kids playing in the rapidly changing fountain jets.

....with dads capturing all the fun for posterity.


  1. Nice photos, keep it up!

    "General Lee" however, is a car on The Duke of Hazard. Admiral Yi is Korea's most revered military leader.

  2. nice country & place.i love to go there.

  3. all my friends says korea is a nice & safe country.i never been there.but it's my wish to go there.i pray it will come true.i'm saving money for that trip.i know this is the best & safest country.have nice places & friendly & loving people.

  4. thanks for posting those great pictures in're very generous in sharing those. thank you