Monday, January 25, 2010

350 Climate Action Event @ Han River

The Han River is such a geographically significant part of Seoul, and something that I reference so often in everyday speech, that I couldn't help jumping down a couple boulders to stick my finger in it.

A wedding "boat" that hosts after wedding dinner parties, and possibly the actual ceremony as well. Hard to see but swan boats are swarming around the slightly confused swan babies circling mom.

The reason for the trip to the Han was to take part in a day of global climate action put together by My group of friends and I were the only foreigners there and had a great time, shaking hands and talking climate action with dozens of enthusiastic Korean college students.

The girl in the white american flag sweatshirt is the president of a large college environmental organization called UNEP Angel. She was idealistic and inspiring.

Me with a group of students. A couple spoke great English, and were disappointed that I didn't speak more Korean.

The penguin, a mascot for the group, ran around this huge flee market where the event was being out free hugs and getting people to write encouraging sticky notes about the need for environmental action.

If you assumed the girlfriend wasn't doing much peddling here, you were right.

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