Thursday, August 27, 2009

East Sea II

A big Korean soju (Korean rice liquor) company put on a little festival at the beach. Including carnival games where the prize was a bottle of soju or a fancy cooler pack. These dancing bottles and their friends the merry bears were the main attraction.

A pillbox left over from the Korean war. The beach we went to on the East Coast was relatively close to the border and the area had experienced several episodes of North Korean espionage.

Two Korean women strapped inside a metal ball seconds before being slingshotted into the air. I wish you could hear the screams that came 7 seconds later.

A guy jumping from the local bungee tower after being egged on by his friends and the crowd below for ten minutes. I despised the guy after holding my camera on him for all those minutes, waiting for him to actually jump.

The tower and the crowd of onlookers below.

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