Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Insadong, Seoul

11,074 km to New York.....

Insadong is an artsy neighborhood in the heart of Seoul. This large gold buddha is in one of the largest Buddhist temples in Seoul. Its hard to see but the man sitting just below the pedestal is a monk reading out prayers to all the worshippers inside.

One of the cooler looking/weirder buildings in Seoul.

A three-story coffee shop that looked cool lit up at night. There isn't a lot of brick architecture here, good to come across it whenever I do.
The royal banquet hall on the grounds of the Korean Royal Palace. One of the neater buildings to see there, and one of the dozen that wasn't destroyed by the Japanese during their decades long occupation of Korea.

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  1. That royal palace was beautiful. I invite you to see my pictures of other Korean sights here.