Monday, March 30, 2009

My Apartment Building

Hopefully the most unexciting post I'll ever have (pictures of my boring building). The only slightly interesting thing I can say about these two pictures is that Korea is the most trusting place I've ever been in. Can't really tell from the picture but my mailbox (one of the dozens of metal flaps to the right, just inside the door) is unlocked, like all the other mailboxes in my building. People routinely leave things unlocked here. My friend Peter just bought a motorcycle (don't worry mom...not asking for lessons) and he leaves it unlocked on the sidewalk in front of his building, along with the bikes of several others. The other instance where I have been struck by the trusting nature of Koreans is on the subway. The cars have overhead racks, just like the Metro North or LIRR cars do. People walk on, put their briefcase/backpack/purse up on the rack and then find the nearest seat. They aren't that far away from whatever is they stashed, but after spending a significant amount of time on the nyc subway, the non-chalance of ignoring your valuables while surrounded by stragners, is striking, and great.

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