Monday, July 20, 2009

Ambushing Korean Ball Players

Korean baseball players aren't used to fans wanting to talk to/take pictures with them. While we were waiting for some stragglers to get to the stadium a group of friends and I happened to be outside the gate nearest the team bus. We cheered at all the players we saw. I think they were confused, though happy, to have a group of 10 foreigners yelling at them like they were bonds.

This guys might have just been confused.

My friend Marshall was especially stoked to be rubbing elbows with these guys, who all play for the SK Wyverns. SK is one of the biggest cell phone companies in Korea. All the Korean baseball teams are owned by the biggest companies in the country, including the Lotte Giants and the LG Twins.

This guy is the team's most famous player, an amazing new pitcher. My students freaked out on Monday when I showed them the picture.

The farm team.

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