Monday, July 20, 2009

Thomas and Heather Going Away Party

We threw a big going away party for great friends, Heather and Thomas, who were leaving Korea after about 15 months of teaching. They were headed on a months-long tour of Southeast Asia. We took over our favorite local bar and they played cook and hostess for the night. Thomas made everyone amazing cheeseburgers (once at 10 PM and then again about 7 hours later). Thomas on the right, Hyo Joo (the owner of the bar along with her husband) on the left.

Heather and Liz (best friends who came to Korea together). Liz is leaving herself this coming Saturday. Sadly Thomas isn't around to make cheeseburgers.

Liz, Nate (a fellow teacher), and Heather.


Heather and Liz having one of a dozen heartfelt moments.

My campus is big enough, with 15 teachers, that there is always someone coming and going. Its exciting having new people to get to know all the time, but also sad to see good friends go. All the new teachers have to listen through way too many stories of funny things done by teachers long since gone.

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  1. Hi, I'm Alex. I teach English in Korea too and was hoping we could share links. I'm looking to make some online contacts who are here too :)

    Let me know!