Monday, July 20, 2009

Korean War Memorial/Museum

My good friend Liz checking out the stats on a tank.

A South Korean fan boat (with angry shark teeth decals) in hot pursuit of some communist water lilies.

90% of the people at the museum were groups of kids out on group trips....Korean boy/girl scouts, red cross youth, to name a couple. I think these kids in the yellow hats were red cross youth.

Pretty sure these guys are Korean boy scouts. They all had way too much in their backpacks.

Far and away the most popular attraction at the museum. Its tough to see but those kids at the end of the conveyor belt are goings nuts trying to get as many little plastic balls up into that big green box as possible.

I spent a Saturday afternoon recently at the Korean War Museum/Memorial with my good friends Liz and Heather. Its an impressive place and covers not just the Korean war, but also all the other wars Korea has been involved with in the past fifty years, including the Vietnam and the Gulf. There is also a huge section dedicated to all the little skirmishes the South has had with the North since the end of the war. I'd been curious to learn about them from the North Korean perspective. I think there might be some differences.

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